Hairstyle ideas for oily/dirty hair

Ok girls, admit it we’ve all had those day that your hair most definitely needs a wash but you are not mentally prepared to dry it. Then there are those days that you anticipated much more time and before you know it, it’s 5pm and realise there is absolutely no way you will have time to wash AND tame the mane. Don’t worry guys, I got you!

I’ve created a really casual tutorial on these four simple hairstyles that not only look stylish but also conceal the fact that you were having a lazy or bad hair day 🙂 When your hair is feeling a bit greasy, it’s best to stick to sleek looks and work with the oil at the roots. I know it sounds a bit gross but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! haha..

Thanks for stoping by! Happy hair styling and now go watch me be a weirdo and enjoy my usual ‘Jen-ism’ bloopers 🙂  tsj xx





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