Shanghai Suzy Winter 2017 lipstick review

Hi Guys, I have received my new Shanghai Suzy lipsticks for my salon and I think this is my favourite collection yet! This collection is made in their first ever ‘satin luxe’ formula and I must say it is divine! Think moisturising with lots of pigment and a beautiful satin shine – almost too good to be true, right? Shanghai Suzy lipsticks are super affordable and I love how they release eight new limited edition shades every season, which is perfect for lipstick junkies like myself ūüôā My stand out favourites are ‘Moonstone’ and ‘Smoky Topaz,’ both with slightly mauve/purple undertones, which are currently my go to tones! Read below for a more detailed review on each colour and feel free to ask any questions ūüôā ¬†¬†tsj xx

Moonstone – A stunning everyday nude with mauve and subtle grey undertones. This is like the colour I had always dreamed of and wanted, but could never find. To say I’m fussy when I get a shade in my mind is an understatement, so thank you Shanghai Suzy for making my dream a reality with this shade! Ha ha

Smoky Topaz РThis colour is also a stand out for me and has that beautiful taupe/mauve undertone that I love. A perfect warm shade which will suit so many skin tones.

Crystal – Ok, I lied, this has to be another favourite. It’s the perfect natural, warm pink and looks so pretty teamed with the new satin luxe formula. I love it!

Jewel – A gorgeous magenta pink perfect for the day, then for rocking it at night with a more dramatic eye make up.

Champagne Diamond РA pretty nude with stunning sparkles. This colour is quite light and sheer, but it can be layered and quite surprisingly looks amazing! (In the photo I layered it a few times). It would also be nice as a topper to bling out any other colours.

Rose Quartz – A pretty light Rose with a pop of peach. It’s such a cute girly shade!

Pink Sapphire – What a fun stand out pink! It’s a blue based hot pink tone and it looks so striking on while¬†the shine it has complements this pink¬†perfectly.

Garnet – Exactly as the name suggests – a beautiful maroon, shiny Garnet stone sitting on your lips! Well, thats how I felt wearing it anyway! ūüôā¬†It has stunning deep plum tones and it’s perfect to wear for a night out on the town and is such a¬†glamorous shade. Love!


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