Thailand 2010

Imagine one big holiday with 22 friends, that’s what Thailand was! Great place, great food, beautiful beaches and amazing culture.

Our first stop was Bangkok, it was a cultural shock to begin with, but then we loved it! The hustle and bustle is what made it all that more interesting and unique. The next stop was Koh Samui where the whole gang was to meet! We stayed in a resort and had our own private beach. Our pool was great and we had great days/nights sipping cocktails by the swim up pool bar. Most of the trip was relaxing and just lazing around, but it was great! I wont lie, we all passed around a bit of a belly bug, but we didn’t let that ruin out trip! 🙂 The final stop was Phuket, which was definitely more hustle then a relaxing Koh Samui, but it was a great way to end our trip.

A highlight – The relaxing pool days.

It’s my tradition to make these music clip type videos, set to a song for our travels to give our videos a point of difference. Be sure to check out the other ones by clicking on the travel videos tab!  Enjoy  tsj xx















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