TSJ’s top 5 winter staples

That’s it, those warm days you dream about waking up to are well and truly over. Sad face. So now while we can’t feel our feet, noses or whole face for that matter, let’s look at looking great in winter staples! I really could have gone on forever with this list, but I decided to keep it to five of my current favourite winter staples. By sticking to timeless, fashionable and practical pieces it will save you lots of time and effort, which will keep you looking winter fab!

Hope you enjoy the read!  tsj xx


1) Leather pants – Leather is here to stay guys so grab yourself a pair and be prepared to get lots of use out of them. It’s amazing how they withstand the cold keeping you so warm and look so stylish. See, practical + fashionable = winning! 🙂 Wear leather pants out or keep them casual with sneakers, either way, be sure to rock some this winter.



2) Over the knee boots – Happy winter = warm feet! These are the ultimate winter staple guys. They make any outfit look so sleek and stylish! Wear them with jeans or leggings paired with layers for an effortless look. Get a bit more adventurous by wearing them with a loose jumpsuit or a baggy style dress (just to avoid looking pretty-woman-ish lol ) O.T.K boots can be a bit challenging to wear at first, but once you find the style that works for you, they will be your instant love. Dying to get some grey ones, which are very in this season.



3) Poncho/Cape – I’m totally crushing on these right now! At first you might feel there is just too much fabric and they are tricky to wear or feel too big and casual (especially if you are short like me 🙂 ), but once worn right they are so amazing. Ponchos are super cosy and give you that ultimate boho-chic look. I am also loving the poncho style jumper and the cape coats for more of a chic look.



4) Pencil leather skirt – Leather skirts are in one word – edgy! I love them so much. Weather you consider yourself edgy or feminine, there are so many ways to rock them. Wear them with a crop top,  jacket and pumps or keep them casual with some runners and a warm sweater. You will actually be surprised at how versatile they are.



5) Floppy winter hat – Stylish hats are a great way to finish off your perfect outfit this winter. They just complete a look and are the perfect cool accessory. My friend and I even joked about how much it changed a whole outfit just by putting the hat on! Weather it’s a fedora, panama or wide brim hat you will definitely find one that works well with your style.



Leather pants- Sass and bide

Over the knee boots- Wittner

Poncho- French Connection

Leather skirt- White Suede

Floppy hat- Sportsgirl 


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