USA travel diary

This trip to USA is one of my fave trips to date! It had it all, a wedding, family reunions, friend reunions, new experiences… you name it! We have traveled a lot lately but USA is always a place I hold close to my heart. Most of you may not know this, but I originally lived there. I was born in Canada, moved to New Jersey and then to Jacksonville Florida. Yup, I’ve been around… But, not in the way your thinking, mind out of the gutter, only countries! 😉

On this trip, we started in Hawaii for my cousins wedding and it was amazing! We had visited Hawaii before, check out my travel video and blog post on it here. We then visited Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York (duh!) and Boston. Boston was the first time for us both and we really enjoyed the European charm of it! We were only there for three days and tried to see as much as we could of this beautiful city. You need almost a whole day just to see Harvard, It’s HUGE! It’s like a small town and exploring it was beyond incredible.

It’s hard to pick a stand out as New York always wins for us hands down being our favourite city of all time (I have a blog post coming out soon with lots of tips on NYC alone) but we absolutely loved New Orleans! I had travelled there many years ago with my brother and a friend and it exceeded expectations once again. We had a big group of friends all meeting there and it was during a festival so we all just had an unbelievable time. It’s such a vibrant city full of culture, music and personality. I don’t think I’ve come across nicer or more hospitable people in my life! Everywhere we went, someone wanted to have a chat. This wasn’t only because of the copious amounts of alcohol that was consumed, everyone was just super friendly! I guess the expression ‘Southern hospitality’ definitely has some merit. We both decided we would go back to New Orleans in a heart beat.

This travel video was the most fun! Everyone wanted to be a part of it and were more than happy to be directed by my bossy commands. I turn into some sort or mean director and get all ‘if it’s not done right, your bit gets the cut!’ on people. haha.. I swear I was  director in my past life, oh and lived in New York. Yup, definitely a director in New York. 🙂

It’s my tradition to make these music clip type videos, set to a song for our travels to give our videos a point of difference and memories to cherish forever. Be sure to check out the others in my travel section. Feel free to ask any questions if you plan to travel to any of these cities. tsj xx


USA travel

Shopping in Hawaii

USA Hawaii

Wedding fun! 🙂

USA grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

USA New Orleans

Awesome street performers in New Orleans that we had a chat to for a while.

USA New york city

New York City!

USA Boston

Acorn Street in Boston – A bloggers dream! 🙂

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