Wardrobe decluttering

We’ve all done it, bought items of clothing only to have them sit in your wardrobe never worn, or kept that dress that you ‘might’ wear to that wedding you ‘might’ have later in the year,  how about those pants you bought and intended to get taken in, but never have? Oh, then there are those shoes that were on sale you just HAD to have even though they were half a size too small? You never know, maybe your feet will shrink right?… Yup, time to THROW and declutter! Do you know we actually only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% percent of the time? I know it’s hard to get rid of items that you were once attached to because I too was once a clothes hoarder! I mean you spent your hard earned money on these items so you justify to keep them. It’s human nature. Surprisingly, it’s my husbands anti-hoarding ways that helped my decluttering skills over the years.  Here are some tips to get you started:

1) If you haven’t worn it in 8 months to a year, you won’t.

2) You keep items for that special occasion, but by the time that occasion comes, you will always prefer to wear something you have bought more recently. (This one was my number one realization)

3) Ask yourself this simple question; if you saw it in the shops now, would you still buy it?

4) Do you really need three items in only slightly different styles? This was a mistake I used to make a lot. I would get too excited about a design I like and up getting so many from different places, but then only ever wore one anyway 🙂


Okay to get started and I’m sure you’ve heard this many times and yes it’s a pain, but it actually works, take everything (yes, EVERYTHING) out of your wardrobe. This sounds like it’s more effort, but I promise it’s well worth it. You will actually be less inclined to put items back in your wardrobe that you are second guessing rather then taking them out. Make sure you have designated time for this as I’ve found if you’re in a rush, you will end up shoving everything straight back in.



While your going through the clothes, ask yourself these questions; is this something I would still wear now? Does it still fit correctly? Do I still love the way it looks on? (Try it on again if you need to) Is this still currently in style or accurately represent my style? Do I feel good and confident when I wear this? Would this be a first or second choice? Did you answer NO to these? If so… adios! Do it! It feels great to cleanse. Sometimes all it takes is to get a friends opinion if you’re unsure. Them telling you ‘no you won’t wear it again’ will resonate and basically reassure your decision. One of my friends and I send each other photos of items we are throwing and it helps us be a bit more brutal. Nothing quite like friends honesty! 🙂


So now it’s the decision of ‘where do these clothes go?’ What I usually do is after I’ve finished the cull is separate them into 3 piles. 1) Sell 2) charity/donate 3) Throw out. The eBay ones are items that are expensive, still have tags, or hardly worn. With the donations items, I normally split them in two piles and give it to two separate charities to share the love a little 🙂 This is something I feel so good about doing also. Then finally I throw out items that are really old, torn etc…



After you’re done, you will feel amazing, yeah you don’t believe me? See the proof in the pic below! Ha ha! I know it’s hard and as girls, it is common to hang onto things as you feel attached, don’t want to let them go or feel bad to throw them out. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and you can organise your clothes so much better and actually see what you have. Oh and an excuse to buy more of course! 🙂


The final step while you’re on a roll is to organise the ones that made the cut. I arranged them into shorts, skirts, casual tops, dressy tops, dresses, jumpsuits and kept wedding/formal dresses at the end. It has made life so much easier when deciding what to wear as you actually can see it all without it being all bunched up and cluttered. (The last cull I did was super brutal too) I put my shoes in boxes so they stay dust free and are tucked away neatly. Now, stand in your wardrobe like a boss and be proud of your achievement! Lol…



Hope these tips help and I have inspired you to spring clean your wardrobe. Happy decluttering! 🙂    tsj xx




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