7 easy hairstyles with TSJ

Hey guys! I have created a look book of 7 of my fave easy hairstyles that you can simply do yourself at home! I get the same thing all the time: ‘but your a hairdresser, you make it look so easy and then I can’t do it myself!’ These looks I have chosen are not complicated at all and are great inspirations on basic easy hairstyles you can do when you are sick of wearing your hair down all the time. I find so many clients love having long hair, but then chop it off because they feel it always looks the same and are bored with it. These looks are just simple and subtle variations on your standard everyday style. I’ve shown clients how easy it can be to change a whole look by something as easy as flipping your hair extremely to the side or changing your part totally. Messy ponytails, messy buns, extreme parts… there are just so many different options to try out.

Hope you enjoy the read and get some hairspirations!  tsj xx

easy-hairstyles-top-knot-bun1) Top knots – I loved this cute trend the minute I saw it.  It can look cute and fun or you can wear it classic and chic with the right outfit. As you all know I’m a big fan of the messy bun and this is a twist on that. I find this style a great compromise and perfect for those of you that aren’t comfortable wearing your hair all up. This style is also perfect for those dirty hair days, c’mon, we’ve all had those! 🙂



2) Side plait – I love this look casual, but my favourite thing to do with this style is to glam it up by curling my hair then doing this plait on the side with a heavy side part. I love the contrast of edgy and glam especially when all frocked up for a wedding or formal event.  I always get so many compliments on this style and it’s just so simple. You can pin the end of the plait under the rest of your hair to hide it or plait it all the way to the bottom and leave it showing.



3) Half ponytail – This look is definitely inspired by Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner. I didn’t love this trend the first time I saw it, but it definitely grew on me! It’s just a simple, cute, fun casual look and different from your standard ponytail. You can also try this style by putting more hair up in the ponytail and leave less out, which definitely makes it look more ‘Ariana’ and glam. 🙂



4) Severe side parts – Total crush on this style. I’ve loved it the minute it came out and continue to now. I just love the way it totally transforms a whole look and gives your hair an instant sophisticated edge. Basically all you do is part your hair about an inch more over then you normally would to give it that deep parting. Then what I love to do is pin down the other side behind my ear. I like to spray only the pinned side so it creates that contrast making it almost look like that faux undercut look. You can also pin the side further back to give it an even more dramatic look.



5) Messy buns – If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will already know that I’m a big fan of the messy bun. It’s such a surprisingly versatile look that can be worn for a night out or just one of those casual-lazy-days especially perfect for when you don’t have time to wash your hair and want to hide the fact that you slept in. 🙂 I’ve heard so many people say they can’t master the messy bun. I created a tutorial on it this year and had great feedback of people telling me it was so easy and one of the fastest ones they have tried. You can check it out here.



6) Messy ponytails –  These ponytails were seen pretty much over every fashion show this year and last. I love thats it’s such a simple twist on a classic style. You want to make it look very effortless and ‘undone.’ What I did was finger tease it, then grabbed it very roughly to secure a low ponytail, then pulled pieces out to give it that textured look. After you have it sitting how you like, wrap a piece of your hair around the ponytail and pin it in. I will do a quick tutorial on this look soon. 🙂



7) Pinned back sides – Such a simple way to give you a break from wearing your hair all down. It’s also great for people growing out a fringe and have it at that annoying ‘in between length.’ Just pin only the front sections back and away from your face on either side.





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