90’s Hip Hop Party

Hi guys! I’m still here 🙂  I haven’t written a blog post for a while now as I have been mainly focusing on my Instagram. I will be posting more often again though.

I had so many questions about my 90’s Hip Hop themed 40th so I just thought I’d do a post with all the information here for tips and ideas if you are planning one. The reason I decided on this theme was that this is my absolute favourite genre of music and I love 90’s fashion, so I decided to incorporate the two. Hip Hop was a huge part of my teens and I’ll never forget the moment I discovered Hip Hop and R&B via a mixtape on my Walkman from a friend. Since then, I never looked back!

So the first thing I got asked a lot about was my sign/backdrop! It wasn’t easy to get here in Australia, but I was fortunate enough to have amazing friends that were not only coming down for my 40th from America, but also agreed to bring it for me! Here’s the link to the poster here. Also, If you just search ’90’s Hip Hop party’ in Amazon, you will find many other items I got for my party such as I Love 90’s balloons, photo props, inflatable ghetto blasters and more!

My hangover kit bag also got a lot of attention and questions. I would never do it again, but I actually designed and image transferred Each. Bag. Separately! Lol! Dedication right there! I bought 90’s lollies that I grew up with and scattered them all around the cake table next to the hangover kits along with my actual Walkmans and Discmans from the 90’s (I know- who keeps this stuff, right?). I made Tupac, Biggie and Easy E confetti as well… like I said, dedication 🙂

I have attached a PDF file to the Hip Hop lyric posters I made HERE, so if you want to use them, you can just take it to get printed out. You’re welcome 🙂 Last, but not least – my outfit was from Fashion Nova . I knew they would have what I was looking for and this is just what I had in mind!

I’ve attached some photos and a short video from snippets of the night. Scroll down for all the details. Hope you got some tips for your party guys, thanks for stopping by! tsj xx



My Outfit – Fashion Nova

Cake – Atomic Cakes

Matt’s Airbrush Tee – Airbrush Planet 

Hip Hop backdrop, Inflatable chains, Photo props and Ghetto Blasters – Amazon (please note, some items do not deliver to Australia)




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