Byron Bay Getaway

Hey Guys, we had a mini getaway over the long weekend to Byron Bay recently so I wanted to share a short travel video and some tips. Byron Bay was quirky, friendly and fun and it really did exceed our expectations. Imagine a unique town full of sophisticated city types, but with a real small town community feel, upmarket restaurants, cool bars, lots of healthy food and some of the cutest shops you’ve ever seen – that’s Byron. As soon as you enter Byron, you instantly feel a sense of relaxation and even if its your first time, a feeling of belonging.

We did some small detours and saw some surrounding towns such as Mullumbimby, Bungalow, Nimbin and Newryby. The shops seriously all look like a display as they were so pristine – make sure you go check them out, particularly the few in Newryby and Bungalow. I’ve listed a few things we did over the few days we were there as a guide.


Dip (awesome for brunch)

Miss Margarita

Topshop (I had the best Accai Bowl)

Harvest (A must do in Newryby, book ahead!)

Balcony (Great for cocktails!)

Woody’s Bar (Fun if you want a few drinks and don’t mind a busy crowd. We actually went here straight from the airport, ha ha!)

Things to do:

The Lighthouse (duh!) 🙂 Allow time as parking there is super hard and you have to keep going around until someone is leaving!

Main Beach

Channon Markets

Minyon Falls (Really cool 100-metre waterfall 45 minutes out of Byron)


Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to ask any questions if your planning a trip to Byron Bay soon!  tsj xx


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