Double Braid Tutorial

Hey everyone! I created a quick sped up video to show you how I double braid after much request for a demo. I love this trend at the moment and I hope it stays around for a while as it’s so easy to do and a great way to conceal messy hair. It’s been life saver hairstyle for traveling too and it brings out my inner homie! 🙂

The main tips I can give are:

  • Keep all sections tight so it sits flush again your head
  • Position your head down when you get to the back area so you get the right tension and the nape
  • Use your thumb as a ‘holder’ while getting the sections neat
  • And last but not least… PATIENCE! 🙂

If you know how to do an under braid to give that more ‘boxer braid’ look – the same rules apply. I just did a basic double braid this time as it’s a great starter for beginners.

Good luck guys! Any question, please feel free to ask below  tsj xx


double braid


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