Faux fur coats

So I have a potentially dangerous obsession with faux fur coats guys! I’ve tried so hard so take my own advice and not succumb to the temptations of being obsessed with a trend and buying every piece in every colour available! 🙂 I have been successful so far. In order to tame myself, I found an older tan faux fur coat (not pictured here) that I bought in San Fransisco about three years ago that I recently rediscovered. Don’t you love it when that happens? It’s like you’ve just gone shopping… in your own wardrobe. Double win!

When I first saw this faux fur coat pictured below, it was like all my requirements were met! The colour (still crushing on blush), the texture, everything! Then I received it and excitedly ripped the packaging open and tried it on… Great – I look like a PIMP! Why? Nooo!! The down falls of being so short and petite where ‘oversized’ can make you look lost. ‘Can I take it up? Can I tuck this bit here? What if I roll the sleeves or just…?’ Yup all these thoughts ran through my mind. So I waited for a few weeks then finally decided I just can’t part with it (Drama queen much?).  So I just made it work and I’m totally in love with it. Moral of the story? Don’t doubt your swag! Haha

Are you guys loving the faux fur trend at the moment? Share your favourite looks below. Thanks so much for stopping by! Scroll down for full outfit details  tsj xx


faux fur

faux fur faux fur faux fur faux fur

Faux fur coat – Lioness

Jeans – One Teaspoon

T shirt – Sportsgirl

Shoes – Vince Camuto



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