Los Angeles and Cabo Travel Diary

Unlike our other trips, this one was more about relaxation than adventure. We affectionately referred to it as the perfect ‘mid life crisis trip.’ It had lots of eating, excessive drinking and plenty of partying, I would definitely have to say – mission accomplished! It was a short trip with seven nights in L.A and three in Cabo. We had such a fun time together and it was actually nice to not be rushing around for a change. Since doing this trip though, we realised we are definitely craving a real adventure… somewhere exotic and somewhere new!

I’ve listed of some of the places we really enjoyed below.


Villa Blanca – Ok, I have no shame here, we are indeed fans of the show Vanderpump Rules, so dining here was a must! Such a cute setting and great drinks/food.

Catch LA – This is the spot to be in LA for dinner. Not only are there celebrities to spot but the ambience is uber cool. I loved the layout and decor of this venue so much! They mainly specialise in seafood – So good!

Craig’s – Another favourite spot amongst the celebrities. It’s a super cosy and casual restaurant with some seriously amazing food! Honestly one of the best Chicken Parmiagianas I’ve ever had!

Sur – Again, blame the show Vanderpump rules 🙂 We had so much fun this night as after dinner, it turns into a bar/club. Highly recommend you to go on a Tuesday night.

BBCM– Amazing brunch place with the prettiest color burst lattes you ever did see! #bloggersdream 🙂

The Room – Ok, so we went here on our first night in L.A. Picture it, we walk in after Matt googled ‘Hip-Hop bar in LA’ , We walked into simply THE best bar I’ve ever been to IN MY LIFE. After a few drinks I actually cried because ‘the music was so good’ ha ha. True story, Matt videoed it! You must go on a Wednesday if you are a fan of old skool Hip-Hop and want to experience a true Hip-Hop bar. 🙂

L.A Hood Life Tour – If you are a true Hip-Hop fan the LA Hood Life Tour is a must! It was the best tour I’ve ever done.


We stayed at ME Hotel, which was all about partying! On the first night we bar hoped on the main street and then backed it up with the famous Saturday pool party. Unfortunately, I got sick and missed the Caves, however Matt went and said it was a must do.

We only had nine days away so we didn’t have much time to create a lot of content for the travel video this time but we still had fun making it! It’s my tradition to make these music clip type videos, set to a song for our travels to give our videos a point of difference and memories to cherish forever. Be sure to check out the others in my travel section. Enjoy  tsj xx


At The Ivy in West Hollywood

In Compton on the LA Hood Life Tour with our tour guide Steve. This tour is a must do for any Hip-Hop fan!

Love Wall in LA

At the Me Cabo Pool party!




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