Easy Messy ponytail

Hey guys, I just thought I’d do a quick tutorial on this easy messy ponytail as every time I wear it for work, my clients ask me to show them how it’s done. It’s super easy and really takes little effort!

When you are tightening your ponytail, make sure you lift it up and pull the hair up as your tightening it. This creates the volume and ‘boof’ in the ponytail. Once you have done that, grab a piece of hair from underneath and wrap it around the hair tie and secure with a pin. The other trick is once it’s secured, pull pieces from all around and then tighten again. Repeat these steps until you have your desired messy ponytail!

Check out my video and happy ponytail-ing!  tsj xx






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    This is such a pretty look! Isn’t it funny how people complement the easiest, messiest looks?? I get that too! Somedays I’ll do a really interesting braid that took hours and NO ONE will ask. Then I’ll slap it into a low bun in 2 seconds and people at work need to know how I did that hahah. This is such a cute little tutorial and I can’t wait to try it soon!


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