Shanghai Suzy A/W range lipstick review

Hi guys! I’ve wanted to review these lipsticks for a while and so glad I have finally got around to it as I just adore the whole Shanghai Suzy line. Jo and her team are solely a lipstick company that release eight new affordable colours every season and might I add they have nailed this collection! I love them all and most of you would already know I have a serious lipstick addiction so this is a big call for me!  🙂  Stand out faves are Miss Tanielle, Miss Veronica and Miss Cassandra, but all of them have been wearable for me. I have also reviewed the gothic chic collection which are so much fun!

I did a swatch on both my arm and lips so you can get a true indication of what these colours look like.

Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions!   tsj xx



Miss Cassandra Peony – This is the perfect everyday shade. It’s a beautiful pink that’s not to bright, but vibrant enough to stand out. I love it so much!

Miss Tanielle Desert Rose – This is one of my absolute faves! I love the taupe/pink combination. This is a shade that will suit so many people.

Miss Nina Sparkling Coral – I must admit when I first saw it I wasn’t too sure, but I have worn it a few times and it’s so pretty! It’s one of the new sparkling colours. You may want to apply about three coats to get more coverage and accentuate the sparkles.

Miss Sanja Fuchsia – Such a stunning pink! It’s vibrant and standout-ish, but not too in your face bright (if you know what I mean 🙂 )  I love this cool toned pink.

Miss Victorine Classic Red – Gorgeous stand out high pigmented red that is a matte formula and so nice to wear. I normally have to re-apply reds a lot though the night, but this one stayed put!

Miss Kat 90’s Cappuccino – This super cool yellow-ish brown gave me major flashback to the 90’s high school days and I love that colours like these have made a comeback. So much fun!

Miss Veronica Sparkling Plum – I’m so in love with this shade! I didn’t think I would love it as much as I do, but it’s one of my faves from the collection. It’s a gorgeous pinky plum with a shimmer though it. I layered mine about two times, but if you layer it more it will become less sheer.

Mrs French Winter Maroon – I love this bold, dark, rich maroon. It’s so flattering on and makes your teeth look extra white – Bonus! The perfect winter shade. So many people say they can’t pull off this shade, but I personally think it suits so many skin tones- I just love it!


Gothic chic collection

Goldie – This shade is so much more wearable then I thought it would be and I actually love it! It’s a shimmer gold, which is quite buildable if you prefer it to stand out more.

Emerald – A shimmery green, which I feel is pretty, but not for me. I will need to play with it a bit more I think and it will probably look great with some heavier dark make up.

Midnight – I have always wanted to try a black (it’s one colour I didn’t own) and I really like it! It’s such a classic black that I think will suit so many people.

Dove – A lot of my readers know I have a grey obsession so I was hanging out for this colour as soon as Jo said she was releasing a grey. It’s such a cool colour. It’s obviously very different, but you will be surprised how nice it looks on. LOVE!








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