Uluru Getaway

Hi guys, I just wanted to share some details and our mini travel video for the getaway we had to Uluru (Ayers Rock) over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. Let me start by saying that getting around Australia is something we always thought ‘we can do when we get older,’ but we have really enjoyed squeezing in short little getaways of our beautiful country over long weekends. Our Hobart trip was the one that opened up this new local travel can of worms. Since then, we have visited Perth, Byron Bay and now the stunning Uluru. I guess it’s easy to say we can do things later in life, but what if there never is a later or what if circumstances change? Sorry to get deep here lol. You really never know what is around the corner, the time is now! I would never take back any of the experiences we have had traveling and I think we will forever be Wanderlusters!

We only had two days in Uluru so we did a tour to take the guess work out due to our time restrictions. It will take you roughly four and a half hours to get there from Melbourne. We flew in on the Saturday morning and went straight on the tour to explore Uluru. I must say, we have visited a few landmarks, but being here and seeing the rock up close and personal was truly one of the best experiences we’ve had! I think because you see it in all the travel brochures for Australia and when you finally see it up close, it’s a bit surreal. The soil is literally bright red EVERYWHERE! I mean, I knew it would be, (duh, it’s the Red Centre) but it’s so cool to see it everywhere. Note: Do not bring white shoes. Mine are now red and white. 🙂

I would definitely recommend booking the barbecue at night with stargazing, which was an authentic fun Aussie experience. The next day we did a sunrise tour and it was so beautiful seeing Uluru change colours in the morning light. Tip: If you are going in winter, BRING GLOVES. I’m surprised my hands didn’t snap off! Definitely bring a hat and scarf too. 🙂 After Uluru, we explored the spectacular Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). There was a lot of walking but it was well worth it! After the sunrise tour, we went back to the hotel, for what I’m hesitant to say: (Drum roll…) A. Nana. Nap! *insert covered eyes monkey emoji here* We then did a quick camel ride at the Camel Farm and after sundown saw the Field of Lights. A truly unforgettable trip!

We stayed at Dessert Gardens Hotel and did our tour with AAT Kings. Please feel free to ask any questions if your planning a trip there soon. Thanks for stopping by,  tsj xx



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